Allergy types

Respiratory allergies negatively impacts daily life due to bothersome symptoms including sneezing, coughing, rhinitis, or even asthma. To alleviate and treat this type of allergy, it is important to get a diagnosis and treatment commensurate with the seriousness of the illness.

Food allergies arise in response to direct contact with a food that the body identifies as foreign. In order to re-establish the organism’s correct function, the illness must be treated in a rigorous, personalized way.

The skin is a delicate organ that is affected by multiple factors that can produce a great variety of skin allergies such as hives, angioedemas, eczemas, or edemas. The treatment of each skin allergy should be guided by an exhaustive evaluation tailored to the affected individual.

Today, drugs are easily obtained, and many people have begun self-medicating. Though drugs were developed to alleviate illness, occasionally they are themselves the cause of a negative reaction, leading to drug allergies. For this reason, it is crucial to attend to these problems immediately in order to stop or counteract the advance of a drug’s allergic effect.

Paediatric Allergy

Not all allergies are the same, nor do they affect different people to the same degree. But above all, they behave differently in children than in adults. The vulnerability of children’s bodies demands special care and more delicate treatment.

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