Skin Allergy

The skin is the largest human body organ, and when it is affected by a skin allergy the effects are extremely bothersome or even maddening. At PB Clinical, we treat this affliction with extreme precision because exposure of skin to an allergen cannot always be avoided. For this reason, we perform a complete evaluation and use the most advanced techniques to subdue reactions while regenerating the damaged tissue and minimizing possible sequelae.

My skin itches. Is it an allergy?

Itching is one of the first symptoms of Nonetheless, not all itching indicates allergy. There are types of dermatitis that frequently present in people who have allergies, such as atopic dermatitis and hives. There are also types of dermatitis that present as a result of skin problems themselves, such as seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. At our specialized allergy clinic, we recommend an evaluation to determine what is an allergy and what is not.

Can you have more than one type of dermatitis at the same time?

Allergy-related dermatitis can present itself anywhere on the skin. For example, you simultaneously can have dermatitis on your hands from an exposure to nickel and a breakout of atopic dermatitis on your legs.


What are hives and atopic dermatitis? How can you tell the difference?

These are two afflictions of the skin that present with a different set of symptoms. On the one hand, hives are red lesions on the skin that cause itch, are raised, and do not cause the skin to peel. By contrast, atopic dermatitis is also red, but is usually flat and does cause the skin to peel.

Can I develop an allergy by touching something?

Objects are covered with an infinite number of substances, so it is possible to develop an allergy by coming into contact with an object. Contact allergic dermatitis is a type of dermatitis characterized by lesions that are like small dots, redness, itching, or peeling in the contact areas. And it can be produced by contact with substances such as metals, cosmetics, or frequently used products.

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