Drug Allergy

The purpose of drugs is to combat, alleviate, or prevent illnesses. But unfortunately, sometimes they can also cause allergic reactions of varying intensity, depending on the hypersensitivity reactions of each person. At our specialized allergy clinic in Barcelona, the objective is to re-establish the patient’s quality of life and treat the affliction. To do so, we carry out a detailed evaluation that helps us to avoid, minimize, or reverse the negative consequences of the allergy.

How do I know if I have a drug allergy?

Drugs, like other substances, can produce allergic reactions. At PB Clinical, we perform tests specific to the drugs involved in the reaction to determine the cause, so the allergist can decide which treatment should be carried out.

Can you be allergic to more than one drug?

Though rare, it is possible to be allergic to different drugs. You can be allergic, for example, to penicillin and also allergic to Ibuprofin or other medications in its group.


What’s the difference between an allergy and a side effect?

Drug allergies are produced by an immunological mechanism that consists of the generation of antibodies against the substance and the presentation of certain characteristic symptoms. For example, when a person takes an aspirin and his or her lips swell up (lip angioedema), we are talking about an allergy. By contrast, secondary effects are produced when a drug, in addition to producing the desired therapeutic effect, also produces other effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. For example, if you take an aspirin and subsequently experience stomach pain, we are talking about a side effect and not an allergy.

If I’m allergic to penicillin, will I be allergic to other drugs?

In principle, your risk of presenting with allergic reactions to other drugs is not heightened after being diagnosed as allergic to penicillin. That’s why at PB Clinical we perform an exhaustive study including the different epicutaneous drug tests to eliminate other possible allergies.

Specialists in clinical immunology and allergy treatment in Barcelona.

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