Allergy tests

At our allergy clinic in Barcelona we carry out or supervise all available diagnostic tests in order to evaluate the status of the patient and his or her degree of intolerance to the allergen that was the root of the problem or bother. Among the most common tests are:

Prick Test

This is the most well known allergy test. It is a dermatological test that determines whether there is a response in the skin to direct exposure to an allergen. It is a simple, non-invasive test whose results are obtained quickly.

Epicutaneous Tests

This type of test is carried out in order to analyze skin problems like contact dermatitis. It consists in placing patches on the back of the patient that are observed over a period of several days.


This is one of the most reliable tests for detecting respiratory allergies. Also known as the bronchodilator test due to the forceful inhaling and exhaling of air, the doctor measures, in function of force and time, the degree of respiratory insufficiency caused by the allergen.

Blood analysis

Blood analysis is another fundamental test for determining information about the allergies and intolerances of patients. At our allergy clinic, we not only use this test for food allergy but also for tests of food intolerance.

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