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PB Clinical

PB Clinical is an allergy clinic in Barcelona specialized in the treatment of allergies and immune system problems located on Rambla Catalunya in the centre of the city. Headed by Dr. Gustavo Perdomo, our medical centre is specialized in all types of allergy and immunological illnesses: respiratory allergy (nose, throat, and lung), food allergy (all foods), skin allergy (irritation, welts, and hives), drug allergy, and other immunological imbalances. Since 2016 we have shared an office and professional synergies with Dr. Indira Blanco’s aesthetic medicine clinic, which also forms part of the PB Clinical Medical Group.

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Prick Test

We offer the basic test given by every allergy clinic to determine if there is a skin reaction in the presence of an allergen.

Epicutaneous Tests

Tests to determine the presence of contact dermatitis using patches that are observed over several days.

Spirometry Tests

Spirometry, or the broncodilator test, is a test that measures the air inhaled and exhaled over a period of time.

Food Allergies

Treatment of food allergy and intolerance for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Respiratory Allergies

Our team treats respiratory disorders such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Diagnostic Tests

We carry out all the principal diagnostic tests for immune system disorders.

Skin Allergies

We treat skin reactions to exposure to specific allergens.

Drug Allergies

Specialized in the treatment of adverse reactions to drugs and in offering non-reactive alternatives.

Paediatric Allergy

Our team includes allergists specialized in treating children.

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